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Kitten Swish is a micro-négociant wine company that finds curious little drops of delicious wine from various parts of the world and then puts these drops into mouths. We package these cute things into something that excites the eye… something that warrants a second glance… something that makes you want to touch it. We then showcase these bottles in avenues where people will find them, buy them, and drink them.

To create these wines, we find partners - we find friends - from around the world who share a sense of place, a wisp of style, and a relevance to the current state of taste. Our goal. The mission, as it stands... passion is a good word here… is to find a circle of friends throughout the wine world who see value in the art of the blend; the starry eye of something particular, the spark that ignites the breath and squeezes the tongue.

The name Kitten Swish is the sum of two ideas, two sides of the coin. Kitten is derived from nothing other than the youthful jubilance of the young cat…endlessly playful, wonderfully curious, boisterous…biting. Swish is coined from the act of extracting an element, namely alcohol from a barrel. Our particular act of extraction yields wine. These two ideas come together to feed the mouth, the eyes…the brain, your nerves. The whole experience gives you something complete, and unique. Joy is the result.

Kitten Swish is a partnership between Sommelier Brad Royale
and Importer Mark Kuspira

Swishy Press

One of the highlights of judging the Canadian Wine Awards a couple of weeks ago was hanging out with the fellow judges. One of them was sommelier Brad Royale, who possesses the most amazing language for describing wine. If you were to read his notes you’d find them far fetched, but when you are tasting the same wine you really get some of the descriptors he uses. A talent. Brad has his own micro-négociant wine operation where he bottles small quantities of wines under the Kitten Swish label. He gave me this bottle to taste, and I was really impressed when I tasted it.
2012 Kitten Swish Chardonnay Stitch, Alexander Valley, California
Very fresh with ripe, clean, pure pear and white peach fruit as well as some toasty hints on the nose. The palate is delicately phrased with ripe pear and white peach fruit and subtle pithy notes. Bright and fruit driven with nice texture and weight. Real finesse. 93/100
Jamie Goode, Wine Anorak.

You get the sense that this Rogue Ranger is just getting started. With a couple of Zinfandels, a Chardonnay, Cab Sauv and Pinot Noir, under his belt, and a plan to distribute his wines far beyond Alberta, Royale is now looking beyond California for his next Kitten Swish wines. He wants to make Grenache from the Languedoc, Riesling from the Rheingau, and is currently making a Cabernet Franc from the Okanagan Valley’s Laughing Stock. His ultimate goal is to create a global brand as a full-blown négociant, not unlike a curator at a fancy museum.

Rick Van Sickle, Quench Magazine, Rogue Rangers

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